Ball Grading

To ensure our customers' 100% satisfaction, offers only the Pearl-Grade and A-Crade balls.

B-Grade- balls are only offered in our Pro-Shop Mix assortments.


Below the graphical representation of the quality of balls shows how the balls of are ranked in comparison





Pearl-Grade quality recycled golf balls are the best available and are the choice for many golfers regardless of skill level. PEARL balls have both the appearance and feel of a ball that has been hit for a maximum of only one hole of play. They have a consistent color and a glossy shine.






A-Grade recycled golf balls are clean, playable and have moderate surface blemishes and minor to moderate ink marks. None of the surface marks or slight blemishes will affect the trajectory, distance or flight Path of the ball. There may be very minor user markings or the color may be slightly inconsistent as these balls are similar to ones you have played a few holes with. These balls are slightly cosmetically challenged but have no cuts or creases.





B-Grade recycled balls are washed and clean. The balls are either scratched or discolored and have not reached the A-Class in our rating. The balloons contain all the balloons and this bargain can very well make great bargains. All balls are in good condition and intact. Co-operative or sports law may be, unless otherwise stated. In our online ball shop, our B-Grade balls are only available in Pro-Shop Mix.