Rim Technology
Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) is used to precisely center the mantle layer-covered core of the Tour i and Tour ix golf balls. This more consistent cover thickness delivers a better-flying ball.
Dual Core Technology
The new Tour i and Tour ix Golf Balls feature two cores working together to deliver tee-to-green performance. The result is increased distances and reduced dispersion.

Hex Aerodynamics

Callaway Golf engineers replaced traditional dimples with the HEX cover geometry, which reduces drag for longer, more efficient ball flight. 



Inertia Technology

A Tungsten-infused outer core in the Tour i and Tour ix Golf Balls results in reduced spin off the driver and amazing distance down the fairway with better feel.





Golf ball Construction

Two-, three- and now four-piece golf balls each offer various performance attributes. Callaway Golf engineers use multi-material construction to customize the performance of each golf ball.

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